What’s CBD Bioavailability?

Ever wonder drugs, vitamins, and nutritional supplements are best taken with a meal? This is because a meal increases the absorption of whatever has been taken. That is another way of stating the meal raises the bioavailability of this medication, vitamin, or supplement. The concept applies to CBD solutions.

CBD bioavailability is the amount of CBD that is absorbed into the body and can then interact with the ECS. This is significant because the more you absorb into the blood, the stronger the result.

CBD bioavailability is principally determined by the sort of merchandise you take and the way you take it. There are a couple of factors and ways that you can increase its consequences and CBD bioavailability. Let’s dig in!

How to Maximize CBD Bioavailability Depends on Consumption Method

CBD products come in many different forms including vapor, tinctures, capsules, balms, edibles, and much more. Some allow being absorbed than others while each method provides advantages.

Consumables (Edibles or Capsules)

CBD which you consume or eat requires digestion. This means that the majority of the CBD gets broken down by your liver before circulating into your blood. Because of this, CBD products such as gummies, beverages, softgels, and capsules have a lower bioavailability than goods such as tinctures, which have absorbed under your tongue into your blood.

The bioavailability of ingested CBD is approximately 13-19 percent. This means that in case you consume 20mg of CBD occasionally less than 3mg have an effect and of it will make it.

Sublingual Applications (CBD Oil or Sublingual CBD Spray)

A tincture, spray, or strip is a way of taking CBD. It’s slightly more bioavailability (~20-30%) than swallowed CBD (~13-19percent ). This is because it is a direct route to the blood, and in addition, it avoids the first-pass effect, which lowers CBD of the liver.

That is why we advocate without speaking for at least 20 seconds, holding the liquid. The remainder can be swallowed by you, and that amount will be digested with bioavailability to a pill.

In addition, when using an oral CBD spray, like Swift Sublingual Spray, bioavailability can be even greater than sublingual application via CBD oil tincture.


CBD topicals such as balms, salves, and lotions that you rub into your skin have CBD bioavailability that is low. They are used for distress so that it’s unfair to compare to that of other procedures, which are used to control mood, anxiety, sleep, and much more.

The distinction is because there are far more CB2 and TRPV1 receptors in the skin and periphery system than CB1 receptors, which are mainly on your brain and central nervous system.

Other Methods

Vaporizing CBD can be among the most bioavailable methods at 10-60percent CBD bioavailability. As a means to administer CBD to help sleep, anxiety, and manage mood CBD vapes work.

Knowing which temperature to use is essential to get the desired effect. Overheating vape juices may convert secure and therapeutic chemicals into dangerous benzenes. For all these reasons, and because of a lack of comprehensive research of long-term consequences, Anavii Market doesn’t carry vaporized CBD solutions.

Though less popular, a suppository does have more bioavailability than CBD which you consume because it avoids the liver breaks it down. More research is required for details on this. Some advocate using oil.

Intravenous administration (aka injecting) has 100 percent CBD bioavailability, being a direct route into the blood, but that is obviously not a desirable nor recommended method.